“10 x 10 – An Italian Theory”, published by Lombardi Editori, is Alessandro Enriquez ‘s first work, both author and interior stylist of the book.Prologue by Mariuccia Casadio and Chapters’ reviews by Giusi Ferré.A journey through flavours divided into 10 stages:Ennio Capasa, Albino Damato, Anna Dello Russo, Margherita Maccapani Missoni, Paola Navone, Fabio Novembre, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Eleonora Abbagnato, Ornella Vanoni, Rossella Jardini: 10 “special” personalities invite us to join their tables describing themselves through a series of interviews conducted by Alessandro Enriquez. With his confidential and persuasive manners, Alessandro is able to reveal their inner tastes and to make them confess a very strong attachment to their roots. Of course, all of these interviews start from a shared pleasure: the love of food. The ingredients come from faraway lands, they smell like childhood memories and sound like family secrets. On the other hand, the recipes are both made up and taken from the immensity of the Italian cuisine. According to Anna dell Russo oil is the main ingredient, it smells like Apulia so it means home. Ornella Vanoni makes a love promise to her city, Milan, with the typical yellow risotto whose taste reminds her of a beautiful song. The hundred thousands colors of Margherita Maccapanni Missoni and her family are suggested by foods like salmon pink, mustard yellow or mint green.

The reader suddenly discovers the precious dining rooms of Palazzo Visconti, Palazzo Clerici and the magnificent spaces of the Grand Hotel de Milan.

The settings, organized by Alessandro himself with the help of “Arabeschi di latte”, are decorated with discrete elegance thanks to the Richard Ginori, Driade and Missoni Home accessories and Frida’s and Marina delicate floral compositions.

The furnitures are provided by Becara, Curiosità and African Craft while Ladureé macarons, L’arte del Ricevere teas , the precious Scognamiglio‘s cameos, the sugar crystals by Ciomod and Focacceria San Francesco almond bread, they all tell us stories from faraway places and make us smell the taste of nostalgia.

All the images, portrayed by great photographer Carlo Branz, are decorated with the illustrations of the author and the artworks of Amedeo Piccione and Lula- The subject I know best while the impeccable graphic of the book is a work of Ivan Manara and Giacomo Bagnara.

Alessandro Enriquez

Alessandro Enriquez (oct 17th, 1983) has a various cultural heritage: his mother is from Sicily while his father has french-tunisine origin and descends from a spanish family. Italian but “Citizen of the World”.
Since his bachelor in Arts in 2004 at the University of Palermo, he starts his “wandering”: first he lives in Barcelona then in Palma de Mallorca and finally in London.
Here he studies fashion design in one of the most prestigious institutes of Europe, the London Central St Martin, he continues he studies at Istituto Marangoni in Milano, where he lives today.
Once over with his studies, he immediately begins his career as designer, which brings him to work at the Costume National maison.
In 2009 teached at Istituto Marangoni and then at IED, where he still has his classes.A restless and versatile soul, he does not limit himself working only on one project, but he follows his greatest ability: “communication”. He makes it a passionate writing of art and fashion allowing him to collaborate with very important magazines as Vogue Kids, Vogue Wedding, grazia.it, elle.it and Marie Claire, becoming as well a referencing point in the field of cool hunting.Naturally curious about knowing the World we live in in all of its lights and shadows, he travels a lot and visits new places; he goes back in the already known ones to discover or rediscover new aspects of those areas. He’s not a common traveller, he is a citizen of the World. To him, journeys are mean to finding new inspirations, costumes and traditions of a land, researching, being aware and getting working inputs and personal enrichment. Philanthropist by nature Alessandro Enriquez loves to be surrounded by artistic friends from the fashion, the art and the design worlds.
His dinners are very famous, they are crowded carefully picked guests, delighted by Alessandro’s passion for food whose plates take inspiration both from faraway lands and from the beloved Sicily, eternal font of inspiration.

10x10 An Italian Theory

From eclectic mind of Alessandro Enriquez takes life ‘10x10 An Italian Theory’: his ironic, unconventional and colorful philosophy of italianity, narrated through fashion, food and design, a brand new lifestyle concept.
It all started with a book, ’10×10 An Italian Theory’, develops into two accessories capsule collections in collaboration with Azzurra Gronchi and season after season enriches itself with design and food projects. The last creative achievement is the 10x10 An Italian Theory knitwear collection.
Young and fun, social and socialite, 10x10 An Italian Theory is a constantly work in progress project, hopefully destined to grow more and more, in Italy and not only… Stay tuned!10x10 AN ITALIAN THEORY TIMELINE
May 2012 – International Book’s Fair in Turin – 25th Edition: “10 x 10 – An Italian Theory” by Alessandro Enriquez launch, edited by Lombardi Editori and styled by the author himself.

Dec 2012 – ’10 x 10 – An Italian Theory’ by Alessandro Enriquez presentation at 10 Corso Como

Apr 2013 – International Salone del Mobile: launch of the first ‘10x10 An Italian Theory + Azzurra Gronchi’ Accessories Women Capsule Collection

Jun 2013 – Pitti Immagine Uomo – 84th Edition: ‘10x10 An Italian Theory + Azzurra Gronchi’ SS2014 Accessories Collection, an exclusive men accessories capsule collection: few iconic pieces, design seats and lifestyle objects

Nov 2013 – Launch of YOOX Special Project

Dec 2013 – ‘10x10 An Italian Theory + Azzurra Gronchi’ for OrphanAID Africa Charuty Project with a limited edition of bracelets sold during a Christmas Charity Auction

Jan 2014 – Pitti Immagine Uomo – 85th Edition: ‘10x10 An Italian Theory + Azzurra Gronchi’ FW2014 Accessories Collection Alessandro Enriquez launches his first ‘10x10 An Italian Theory’ FW2014 Knitwear Collection

Apr 2014 – International Salone del Mobile: ‘Pasta Italiana’ special project launched at Biffi Boutique in Milan